PICS 2023


Distinguished Participants,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The International Symposium on Pharma Industry: Changing Scenarios (PICS 2023 Symposium) will be held at Semmelweis University on September 4, 2023. The symposium will focus on the changing scenarios in Pharma Industry: increase in science-based regulations helping in lowering the regulatory burden; growth of Brand and Generic Industry and its impact pharma world globally; current trends in pharma industry.

With the advancing science, the newer formulations are more complex, making it difficult for generic development. Significant amount of research is being conducted to aid in developing methodologies and in vitro bioequivalence development for the generic industry.

The establishment of a unique organisation dealing with dissolution science and educational activities will be presented. Current trends in pharma industry research including newer drug delivery systems to increase patient awareness, compliance, and adherence will be presented along with the new drug approval process.

This is a unique type of symposium dealing with changes taking place in big and small pharma industry. It will provide plenty of opportunities to participants to interact with the experts in the area. This International Symposium is organised by Semmelweis University, Department of Pharmaceutics, and will be held in the famous Semmelweis Salon of Semmelweis University.

The Co-Chairs and the Organising Committee cordially welcome you to PICS 2023 Symposium in Budapest at Semmelweis University.

Prof. Imre Klebovich
Co-Chair of the Symposium
Prof. Vinod P. Shah
Co-Chair of the Symposium